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Add new content to your existing website with our simple tool.

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We believe managing your websites content shouldn't require learning a complex CMS. With Block, just add a snipet of code to your site and edit newly added content on your website. When you sign up for beta access, you'll have access to a basic account for free.

Works with whatever tools you like

Block is designed to work with any set-up. Whether you're using website building tools or prefer code, Block content is simple to add.

Mobile Friendly

Make quick changes directly from your website using our responsive CMS editor. There's no need to login to a separate site building tool and traverse hundreds of options.

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How It Works!

Add HTML to your page to initialize Block. It's all you need to get started.

Add HTML to your page to initialize Block. Don't worry, you only have to do this once.
Open your Block Dashboard by adding #block-admin to your URL.
Add a Block Content Section to your page. Once you're done, hit the Publish button!

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Block is currently in development and we have a lot of exciting features in store after launch. Early adopters will get a basic account for free. And will have a discounted rate when upgrading to our premium account with added features.